Resource/Agency Listings

Mission Statement:  The Organization will develop and implement those initiatives that provide and promote community based health, wellness services for the residents primarily in the North quadrant of the City of Houston who are at risk, disadvantaged or indigent.

Core Values:

  • The development of healthier habits among at-risk persons to lengthen lives,
  • Enable troubled youth to gain their optimal achievement through the “What-A-Friend” Mentoring Program,
  • Comprehensive social services and resource accessibility to gain sustainability.

Project H.E.E.D. Community Development Center is focused on helping individuals achieve the best quality of lifestyle through health education, self-empowerment, self-awareness and self-help.  Individuals  participating in our programs can expect to be directed via social, spiritual, economic, and psychological perspectives. Once fully operational, Project H.E.E.D. CDC will have 3 major components to help individuals:

  1. The Project H.E.E.D. CDC Wellness Program – helping at-risk populations learn to develop and maintain healthier lifestyle habits to prevent and/or stabilize illnesses/diseases that lessen life expectancy.
  2. The Project H.E.E.D. CDC “What-A-Friend” Mentoring Program – designed to connect high-risk youth with positive influences and positive role models to influence positive changes in their lives.
  3. The Project H.E.E.D. CDC Social Services Comprehensive Program – combining social services with community resources to assist individuals during crisis situations.

2017 Board of Directors & Officers

President – Imogene Thomas

  • Treasurer – Henry Carradine
  • Secretary – Yvette Cheeks

Seated Members

  • Rev. Gregory Cheeks
  • Patsy Edwards
  • Derrick Elder
  • Robert Little

Listed in this directory is important information and contact numbers for resources and agencies in the Harris County area.  Contact information is broken into subcategories of:

Project H.E.E.D. CDC is committed to assisting individuals getting the assistance they need.  Feel free to contact us if you are unable to locate an agency or have questions about which resource or agency would be best in assisting you.  This directory does not include every entity within the Houston/Harris County area.  Check your local listings for additional information.


VBS 2018 Stonger Churches, Families & Communities


Adult Class included Passionate Class Leaders as well as Speakers from TDECU who presented: Credit & Financial Workshop focused on:

Understanding Credit

The Psychology of Spending

The Road to Financial Independence