Love Hurts Sometimes

You ever hear the saying give until it hurts? Well love is an action word and it is a gift. It can occasionally cause pain. When this occurs don't choose not to love again and close your heart. 

Psalm 119:76 "Let your constant love comfort me, as you have promised those that serve you. 

Now it does not say that you will have no pain in loving but, that you must choose to believe in God's unfailing love that does not disappoint. 

I have had times when I must admit I have disappointed myself. In life we sometimes make a poor decision or say a thoughtless word that can hurt yourself, your relationship with other and surely it hurts our Father.

So, if I betray my own goals at times to be a loving servant. Surely, I must give others the same grace and mercy when they fall short. 

When hurt we often wail, Why me? What did I do to deserve this pain?" But, when we choose to love there will be thorns with the roses.

When you open your heart to another they will do or say hurtful things. Ask yourself is this typical of them and they are showing me how they really feel or is this atypical and theya re acting out of character. Children are not the only ones that do things because they are tired and sleepy, hungry or just grumpy. 

There are many hurts that can happen with love.

1. There of course is the pain of betrayal of your love. It can be a romantic love, a friend that you find out has been saying unbelievable things behind your back. A family member that you have been there for that does nothing but, malign your name to others.

2. Sometimes, our on choices in love can lead to anguish for self and others. I know families that are dealing with others choices to make bad decisions and misuse drugs and alcohol or lead a life of crime that costs in more than dollars but, tears.

2.There is the disappointment of another's choice that leads to pain for them, the ones that love them and others. 

3. There is a grieving pain when we have lost a loved one or dealing with a terminal illness of your own or a loved one. Yes, we know life and death go hand in hand yet, it leaves us brokenhearted with an empty space. A voice that once brought laughter has gone still. Loneliness becomes your new companion. 


Well meaning people say that time heals all wounds. Well that is not so. The real healer is the Holy Spirit. It comforts you like a well worn blanket. It does take time though. Find a support group or someone to listen. Allow yourself to cry. It is okay, He gave them to you. True healing is in His hands. He will be your hope and peace in the darkest hours. He can take marital discord and betrayal and turn it around. Allow the Spirit to do its work. Don't give up on your spouse, your child, your friend or your church. 

Pray and ask God for direction and be allow yourself to be lead not by how you feel but, what the spirit reveals unto you. How, read His word, talk to Godly friends who can keep a confidence, listen to spiritual music and allow the yourself to absorb his answer. 

Pray this prayer: Holy Spirit help me to find my way out of my pain and grief. Help me to feel love and comfort from others that care and your love. Fill me with hope. I hold fast to your promise to make all things new.


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