Does your relationship need Chemotherapy?

I. Cancer is when abnormal cells grow to the point that they interfere with the normal functioning of the body's systems.  So, as a body can have cancer so, can a relationship. 

And if you think of the havoc is does to the human body. Leave the cancerous lesions to spread throughout the family and love can turn into a terminal illness.

II. Fidelity comes from the The Latin word fidēs, meaning “faith”. Words from the Latin fidēs have something to with being faithful. Fidelity is faith or loyalty. To confide in someone is to show trust in the person by telling her or him a secret.

So, what is Fidelity?

It is the act of being loyal or faithful. So, can you be unfaithful without sexual intercourse. A resounding yes is the answer. It can be that you tell someone else (male or female) your innermost thoughts, dreams, secrets and, feelings. 

It is your spouse that you should be sharing these with. So, if you are not then you must ask yourself why, not? Do you not feel safe to do so, do they not seem to care, do you feel you will made fun of or belittled, is your spouse not present (in mind or body)?

Or, does this apply to you and how you treat your partner so, that they no longer share with you and instead drown themselves in work, alcohol or, other vices and resign themselves to the status quo.

These attitudes in a marriage or slow death, an insidious cancerous killing any and all sparks of life that exist.

III.  When cancer is enclosed in a shell and not spread yet it is called in situ cancer.

We enclose the good stuff in our heart and mind inside of a mask to protect ourselves from disdain, disgust, dismissal and, leave ourselves in a dismay of feeling unloved. 

Summary: When was the last time you opened a crab up? Inside that thick and tough shell is moist tasty meat. This is why crab meat is so popular. It’s moist, soft, and succulent. However, to get to that soft meat, you have to peel back that hard outer shell. 

Peel back your own shell and inject chemotherapy. Be vulnerable. Ask your partner to be vulnerable. Share that you miss your intimate times and how things used to be and want their help to return to and improve on that feeling. Be honest and forthright. 

What do you have to lose? A disease that imposes its will and creates a life of retreat (withdrawal) and re-treatment. You are more than that. God put you together. Don't let the devil win. Put him on notice by praying for you and your spouse separately and together to be healed and whole.

God bless you and your family.   


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